A Yamaha Generator Review

Generators can be set permanently in place, and are then known as standby generators. They can also be portable, and fall under a few names that include portable generators and inverters. Not a lot of generator makers will focus on all three kinds of generators, and tend to make those that use proprietary engine technologies to the greatest extents. This is why Yamaha, known as a motorcycle and alternative vehicle maker produces only portable generators.

For this discussion we are going to consider the different generators and inverters that they make available.

The Models

Inverters are a bit different from generators in that they create AC electrical currents from their engine rotations. This is "raw" power is then converted into DC power which is channeled back into a form of useable 120 volt AC power. This is something done to get the most possible power from the unit and to do so as quietly as possible.

Because so many Yamaha buyers are outdoors oriented, they put an emphasis on inverters rather than standard portable generators. Currently they have eight different types of inverters available and four variations on the portable generator. They range widely in terms of their output capabilities and their costs.

The inverters include models capable of 1k wattage and some that can offer up to 6300 watts as well. Several of their inverters are designed to meet very tight environmental standards and are packed with excellent features. They meet the EPA/CARB standards as well as the California Air Resources Board standards too. This means that they are low emission and quiet, which can mean a great deal to those who have to rely on generators for power in almost any setting.

The generators have the capability of providing from 4k to 12k in wattage, and this means that the same effective engines and standards can be used to power up the home during times of emergency.

The Pros and Cons of Yamaha Generators

We really appreciated the simple fact that all of the inverters and generators offered by Yamaha were outfitted with some of the most impressive key features. These include:

  • Oil Watch Warning System - to eliminate the risks of damage due to low oil, the units are all equipped with an advanced warning system that alerts the user to the need to shut down.
  • Smart Throttle - this is patented technology that is a "load sensing" RPM control. This helps to regulate the load, keep the unit fuel efficient, and even reduce noise by requiring few engine rotations to meet the demands. Because of this, many of the units can operate for up to 12 hours on a tank of fuel.
  • Noise Block - this is the Yamaha patented sound reduction system that makes many of the units the quietest in their classes. For example, the mid-range EF1000is actually produces no more than 57 decibels. This is very impressive when you learn that most other generators and inverters tend to operate around 70 decibels or more.
  • Dry carb functions - the unique gas petcock actually allows the system to be run on a dry carburetor to prepare the unit for storage.
  • Warm Up - this automatic feature runs the engine at a higher speed for six minutes prior to energy production in order to prevent any problems at start up.

In addition to so many impressive standard features, it has to be added that Yamaha has a three-year warranty that is hard to beat. 
Though inverters are portable and built to be self contained and easy to transport, Yamaha makes things even easier by keeping them as lightweight as possible, with some systems weighing in at no more than 26 pounds. When the units are heavier, they are equipped with hollow-tube frames and never flat tires that can withstand heavy duty use.

If you are considering an outdoor and portable generator or inverter, Yamaha is the way to go. They make units with impressive capabilities, but which are also easily used in any setting. From workshop and field work use to tailgate parties and weekend camping trips, you can easily find a total electrical generation solution. The key is to understand precisely what you need because Yamaha does have a long list of available models and options.