Eastern Tools and Equipment Reviewed

Generators are available as portable and standby models. Usually, the biggest names in the industry will provide both and often they have a few versions within each grouping. With Eastern Tools & Equipment (ETQ), however, this is not the case. They are a manufacturer that puts an emphasis strictly on portable models.

When looking for details about their products, however, it becomes clear that the firm has not done the best job in establishing a strong corporate identity. They are headquartered in Canada and have not web presence. This makes it challenging to determine if they have any proprietary designs or equipment on their different gas and diesel powered machines.

Currently, they offer three very viable models that include:

  • TG32P12 - this is a 4k watt generator that relies on gas and is ideally suited to "survival" usage in the home. It will provide power for up to four air conditioning units, but will also power a few small appliances, lights, and some heating functions in the home.  This model is considered to be one of the quietest portable generators around and comes with onboard wheels (which is an advantage over other brands that require upwards of $150 to supply a set of sturdy wheels). Because this generator weighs in at more than 100 pounds, we see the wheels as a definite plus. On the downside, this unit has a warranty that lasts only a year.
  • TG52T42 - with more than 6k watts available, this portable generator from ETQ is an ideal solution for those who need to keep a lot of the household or building running when the electric has gone out for any length of time. It has the company's popular four stroke engine and is equipped with many smart functions such as the automatic shutoff when fuel and/or oil is low. Gas powered, it has a six gallon tank and can operate at half load for more than 12 hours before a refill is needed. On the downside, this unit weights almost two hundred pounds. It has an excellent price, however, and this tends to offset the hassles of dealing with such a hefty machine. Like the smaller unit in this line, this one does come with the onboard wheel kit too. Unfortunately, this model is known for being extremely loud, and that too is a definitive "negative".
  • TG72K12 - this unit provides more than 8k in wattage and can power up a home, RV, or other similar property. It uses the firm's 420 cc engine and comes with an electric start. It has the automatic low fuel and oil shut down functions, and is a bit quieter than their mid-grade models (with around 70 decibels of sound at full blast). Because it is one of their heaviest models, it has onboard wheels and a sturdier frame to allow for easy and safe moving and relocation. Because of the quality of this model, however, it does come with a larger price tag than other units.

Smaller Units

What we like about ETQ generators especially is the fact that they are really focused on the mobility options. They make some of the nicest small portable generators around, and they equip them with digital inverters for ease of use. Consider that their IN2500I model can be found for around $400 and provide the owner with a 120 volt GFCI duplex outlet, a 12v DC port and 4.6 HP from the impressive OHC engine (initially used on motorcycles). This little wonder has more than five hours of run time at half load, and an impressive four hours at 100%. It is also relatively quiet for a small machine with a 60 decibel measure.

So, though they are hard to track down and may not be able to deliver optimal or direct customer service, the full line of ETQ generators seems to be a good option for those in search of portable power. Even if the buyer's goal is to get their hands on a low cost option for alternative home energy during power outages, the ETQ generators will do the trick. Equipped for air conditioning and appliance operations, they are a very portable and affordable choice for emergency or remote energy creation.