A Sportsman Generator Review

Buffalo Tools is a well-known brand and their line of generators is known as Sportsman Generators. These are all intended to be portable units, but some are so feature-rich that they can easily be seen as replacements for the more costly standby models. For this discussion we take a look at all of the current units available in the Sportsman Generator lineup.

The Pros and Cons of Sportsman Generators

Portable generators are meant to be relatively easy to transport and to then supply their owners with an adequate amount of electricity in almost any setting. From hunters in the woods to people in need of emergency electrical supplies in their homes, portable generators are designed to deliver optimal solutions. The Sportsman generators are truly available in a range of designs that can accommodate almost any need.

From the lightweight GEN1000, with its 1k wattage and 6 hour run time to the impressive GENSD7 that is diesel fueled and capable of 9 hours of run time, there are few needs left unanswered.

The current lineup includes:

  • GEN1850 - supplies 1850 watts, needs only 2.3 gallons and will run for 11 hours.
  • GEN1000 - gives 1k watts, needs only 1.2 gallons and will operate for 6 hours.
  • GEN1100- delivers 1500 watts and can give around 5 hours before refill.
  • GEN154 - a 2k watt producer that will run for 9 hours.
  • GEN4000 - delivering 4k watts on only 4 gallons of fuel, it will run for 9 hours at 50% load.
  • GEN7000 - creating 7k watts, this one will run for 12 hours at 50% capacity on only 7 gallons of fuel.
  • GEN10k - this unit produces 10k watts and operates for 8 hours on only 8 gallons of fuel.
  • GEN2000LP - using liquid propane, this unit runs for 12 hours at 50% and can provide around 1350 running watts.
  • GEN4000LP - another liquid propane generator, this one will operate for 10 hours at 50% and provide 3250 running watts.
  • GEN7000LP - offering 6k running watts, and using only liquid propane gas, this generator will give 8 hours at 50% load.
  • GENSD7 - their largest unit, this one is enclosed for protection and will give 6300 running watts for more than 9 hours, and on only 4 gallons of diesel.

Clearly, this firm has a lot to offer, but one of the downsides is that they do not sell directly to the buying public. Consumers can visit the company's website and discover which model they require, but they will then have to find a local supplier or vendor in order to get their hands on the equipment they require.

We like that all of the gas powered units rely on the durable four stroke OHV engines. We also like that all of their generators have automatic low oil and fuel shutdowns. This ensures that there is no damage done should the owner neglect to refuel at the appropriate times.

All of the units have received EPA approval, but not all have noise levels that we find comfortable. We also found that units with an electric start were not equipped with batteries at the time of purchase. Very specific instructions were provided to buyers in order to ensure that the proper batteries were used, but not even a low cost "free with purchase" battery was included.

We also frowned a bit on the short warranty period of only 90 days. This was a bit disappointing when you realize that the units are not purchased directly from the manufacturer, and could lead to some problems with getting warrantee repairs or replacements.
Models that were heavy and difficult to move were often equipped with wheels or had mobility kits included. This was a nice feature as many manufacturers do not provide their buyers with easy conversion kits.

If you are looking for durable and proven generators, the Sportsman brand is very reliable. They make systems using all of the various types of fuels - including liquid propane - and most can run for extensive periods of time without refueling. This is a tremendous positive, and is something to consider when you want to enjoy your time in the outdoors rather than babysitting the generator.