An Aurora Generator Review

If you are in need of any sort of generator, you want to turn to a manufacturer that really "knows their stuff". Often, this means choosing a company that tends to focus on one sort of product. For example, the person in need of a small portable generator that runs on diesel fuel would tend to look at the companies that seemed to focus on this sort of product.

However, there are times when you want to explore options with a maker that seems to know all about every single type of generator. If you are interested in getting a diesel generator, you will want to begin shopping around for Aurora generators. They offer:

Home - Standby generators that begin with 10k diesel models and go all of the way up to massive 50k behemoths ensure that a home of any size can be ready for just about any sort of lengthy emergency situation.

Portable - Though they offer only two models, they meet every possible need. From a silent model to the 6500 watt portable diesel unit, there are few requirements that cannot be met.

The Pros and Cons of Aurora Generators

Let's take a look at their mid-range home standby model to begin this review. The 30k watt unit is known as the Turbo Diesel Perkins Standby Generator. It is truly a whole house generator, and we were glad to see that (unlike the competitors) this one comes with a free automatic transfer switch. This guarantees that the appliances and/or the generator are not harmed when power is restored without any sort of advance warning.

We also really appreciated that these generators all feature onboard fuel tanks. This is particularly important because it means that the unit can run for many days without any concerns, and it means that the fuel is far more secure than when it has to be kept in a separate tank nearby.

We should note that the engines used in the standby generators are built by Perkins, which is part of Caterpillar, Inc. This means that the systems are created by some of the most trusted names in engine manufacturing in the world. In fact, each of the generators is guaranteed to have a 20k hour life span without any major maintenance issues.

Another unique feature of the standby generators is the proprietary controller units. Known as the brains of the systems, the SmartGen controllers are user-friendly and feature simple touch keys to allow easy programming. They display the voltage, current, power, run time, battery conditions, and other vital facts. It is also where the transfer switch status is available and where any choices in preheating or cooling down are entered too.

Because standby generators spend their entire lives outdoors, it is imperative that they feature excellent case and cabinet design. We have not always found this to be a priority, but the Aurora generators do have the kind of design and quality that will allow the units to withstand harsh winters and even maritime conditions. They are made with stainless steel and heavy duty materials, they are coated with specialty paints and weather stripping, and are meant to remain rust free and waterproof for decades.

The cases are also soundproof, and this is a huge bonus when you install your generator in a neighborhood or within earshot of neighbors. Aurora uses this same material and design for their silent portable generators too.

These deliver some amazing features that include preheating of cold engines, wireless remote control, automatic voltage regulators, five separate outlets, a digital control panel, EPA "Tier 4 Approval", and a full one-year warranty.

They are housed in casings that ensure silent running, and which is further guaranteed by double mufflers, a catalytic converter, and a fully insulated exhaust system.

With Aurora generators you can find reliable, quiet, and highly effective power generation options. Their website is one of the most informative we have ever seen and their obvious dedication to quality design can be discovered by taking a look at only a few of their current models.

If you need household, outdoor, or just reliable electrical service during emergencies or while out in the field, you should give the Aurora generators your full attention. They are feature-packed and among the most innovative on the modern market.