An All Power America Generator Review

It is easy to imagine that a firm with the name All Power America will have a few generators available. The company does indeed make generators, but specializes entirely in portable models. They do not currently have standby models available, and for this review we are going to focus only on portable units of all kinds.

The good news for those in search of portable electrical supplies is that All Power America makes a range of solutions that is so comprehensive as to meet all needs. From their 2-stroke 1k watt model to their massive 4-stroke 10k watt unit with electric start model, they will have the precise portable generator for you.

To keep things simple, we'll look at:

  • 1k watt 2-stroke - one of the smallest of the All Power America units available, this one features a recoil start that ensures easy operation. It can operate for more than eight hours 50% output and guarantees 850 watts. It can provide a battery charge thanks to onboard cables and is guaranteed to operate at a low noise level.
  • 3500 watt with digital inverter - this EPA approved model is one of the most user-friendly generators on the market. It has an electric push start (with no maintenance batteries), a consolidated control panel, and one of the quietest operating decibel levels available. It features a 120v outlet and a twist lock outlet for heavier duty use. It can run for ten hours at 50% capacity.
  • 3500 watt propane - using propane means much more use on a tank of fuel. This unit can run for 8 hours on 20 pounds of liquid propane and deliver 2800 watts of guaranteed power. It is extremely quiet and has received EPA and CETL approvals thanks to its cleaner operations. It has a recoil start and features the All Power American user-friendly control panel.
  • 6k watt with electric start - a larger 4-stroke OHV air cooled engine can run for 9 hours at 50% with this unit. It features a huge array of outlets and receptacles and is rated for 12v of DC and 120v of AC. It can hold 6.6 gallons of gas and features a recoil start. This is EPA approved and comes with a sturdy 8" wheel kit for optimal mobility. It weighs in at a hefty 183 pounds and is designed to be used in almost all settings.
  • 7k watt diesel generator with digital display - a workhorse of a generator, this one has the 4-stroke air cooled engine, operates only on diesel fuel (4 gallon tank), is one of the quietest large generators available (less than 70 decibels at capacity), and features a very handy digital display. This shows voltage, hours used, and has a warning indicator of low oil content. It is equipped with heavy duty and 120v outlets, and can run for more than 11 hours at 50% capacity. Because of its size and weight, this comes with a protective case, wheel kit, and sturdy handles. The electric start is equipped with a maintenance free battery.

A look at the offerings makes it abundantly obvious that All Power America has designed its generators to meet all kinds of demands. A visit to their website shows that they have thought about the needs of homeowners, "preppers", outdoorsman, and those who travel with RVs or who enjoy camping. There is not just a single solution or product that could satisfy an individual's needs; there are always several viable options.

What we found problematic was that the firm doesn't provide a simple comparison tool. It is challenging to learn which of their units is EPA or CARB approved (as this is significant for those who head out into the parks and woods). We would also like to see an easier way to learn about the units that operate on gas or diesel only. Additionally, we would like to see this provider begin offering a hybrid as they already have some of the best technologies around.

In general, this is definitely a highly recommended "go to" resource for anyone in need of a power source. Take your time and compare the different models and you are sure to find a few that will deliver all that you need in terms of electricity.