A DuroStar Generator Review

Although many people turn to their generators strictly as emergency power options, the DuroStar generators are designed for those with affordability in mind too. After all, it is not always easy to prepare for emergencies because some of the essential gear can really break the budget. The DuroStar generators, however, a meant to provide optimal features and functions at a price that is friendly to almost any wallet.

The Pros and Cons

We will consider two of the firm's portable generators:

DuroStar 10k Watt Gas Generator - this is quite simply one of the best "all around" solutions on the market. It has a maximum output of 10k watts and a massive 8.3 gallon tank. The 16 HP DuroMax air cooled OHV engine has passed all of the environmental tests, including EPA and CARB standards. It is mounted on a heavy duty frame that features four fully isolated motor mounts that are meant to keep noise to minimal levels. This is further supported by the proprietary Quiet Muffle that reduces engine sounds even more.

The unit is fully equipped with the company's well known power panel that makes operations easy and simply. This panel features the Advanced Oil Warning Light that gives the user a visual alert to low oil and pending automatic shutdown. The panel also features the volt meter, the circuit breaker, and the various power outlets that can be used for a range of needs.

This heavy duty provider also has an electric start as well as the EZ-Pull Recoil Start too. This ensures that you won't need a battery just to start your power source. We really love the  mobility equipment on this unit as it has Flip-Up Stow Away Handles, all-terrain and never flat tires, and a heavy duty frame that makes it easy to maneuver the unit over any type of terrain.

Finally, we liked to see that it has a full one-year warranty as well as a 30 day replacement warranty for any parts. And because we found this unit for less than $1k, we would highly recommend it to homeowners and outdoorsman alike.

DuroStar 4k Watt Gas Generator - as the smaller unit offered by this firm we did not expect it to meet the same standards as the massive 10k wattage system above, but it really held its own. This is a true workhorse that can deliver 7 HP, 4k watts, and delivers all of the services needed to keep a home running during prolonged power outages.

This unit features the same full-feature power panel as the larger system, it has an 8 hour run time at 50%, is designed for quiet operation through the use of a special muffler and unique frame mounting, and has the same reliable engine, auto shut off, and excellent warranty.

DuroStar also has many other models available, including welding generators, and systems capable of delivering 4k in wattage on the go. All of the units are smartly designed in that they are meant to reduce noise, and yet provide extremely rugged and reliable forms of transportation for the unit. The isolated motor mounts and mufflers appear on the most popular models and make them a wonderful solution for those who like to have sources of power when out in the woods, camping, or in the field. The fact that these same units have full EPA approval for use in areas as delicate as national parks proves the value of the various DuroStar generators.

They currently have only gas powered systems and do not make diesel or liquid propane hybrids available. Because this firm is so innovative, however, we anticipate that they will have such options in the near future. Their impressive warranty cannot be ignored as well since most extend over the generators for a full year, have 30 day Satisfaction Guarantees on some units, and 30 day warrantees on parts. This says a great deal about the quality of the generators offered.

If you are in need of a highly portable and environmentally friendly power source, the generators from DuroStar are a recommended resource. They operate below the 70 decibel level, have excellent ratings and approvals from the EPA and CARB and are among the most affordable choices on the market.