A Champion Generator Review

Champion Power Equipment, or Champion, is known for making all kinds of heavy duty gear. This includes power washers, engines, and generators. For this discussion, we'll consider their line of generators and inverters and review how well they perform generally, and in comparison to other units available.

The Line Up

Though most of the generator manufacturers like to offer standby and portable gear, Champion focuses entirely on the portable power sources. Currently, Champion generators are divided into four main categories, plus their line of Inverters. Their lines include Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, Recreational, and Light Duty. Within each grouping are several different units. These include:

  • Heavy Duty - with three different units offering from 7k to 7500 watts of electricity, these are true workhorse units. They are available at many top of the line suppliers and come with a lot of niceties that most hardworking generators do not normally offer. For instance, a built-in 25' cable, electric start, never-flat tires, a heavy duty frame, some weather protection, and a two-year warranty make these very appealing.
  • Medium Duty - offering seven different units with capabilities ranging from 5k to 6500 watts, these are impressively modern systems. Some have wireless remote starting features, large and "never flat" wheels, and the company's two-year warranty. These are ideal solutions for homeowners looking for convenient power sources or for people who need reliable energy supplies out in the field.
  • Recreational - with twelve unique generators offering from 3k to 3500 watts, these are meant to serve a diversity of purposes. Some units come without wheels or any weather protection, some are painted with camouflage to conceal them easily in different locations, and others have the never flat wheels and remote starters.
  • Light Duty - with two models each offering 1200 watts, these are affordable units ideally suited to camping or travel. One has a great deal more weather protection than the other, but both are equipped with the "Intelligauge" panel and designed for ease of use.
  • Inverters - not as many generator manufacturers make reliable inverters readily available, but Champion really covers all of the bases by making six different units available. These are ideally suited for those hoping to enjoy covert use of power equipment and can provide from 2k to 3100 watts.

The Pros and Cons of Champion Generators

Clearly, this company has done its research and discovered all facets of the market. Whether you are a dedicated tailgater with a desire to host the ultimate parties or someone who wants a portable energy solution that can still operate essential circuits in the home, Champion has at least one or two viable products for your needs.

Additionally, we really appreciated their use of their "Intelligauge" on even the least costly units. This is a wonderful panel that displays voltage, frequency, and total operating hours. Because many of their generators can operate for great lengths of time at 50% load, this panel is a great way to avoid any problems with fuel supplies.

What we think the company should change is their use of a low oil and fuel sensor rather than a full shut off. This sensor gives warning that a shut down may occur, but does not (as many other high-end generators do) actually cause the device to shut down before running into trouble.

The Champion generators are all diesel and gas powered and this means that they use the company's well known Champion OHV engines. These have USDA approved spark arresters and are known for being relatively quiet when in operation (around 70-74 decibels).

If a generator is not already installed with wheels, the company makes simple and affordable wheel kits for the tubular steel frames. We appreciated the integrated handles on the larger units as they make it far easier and safer to maneuver them into position.
If you want portable electrical supplies, you can easily find affordable options with the Champion generators and inverters. They are reliable and tend to put out the guaranteed wattage amounts, with many running for up to 8 hours without a refill (if used at 50% capacity). Explore their available models and you are sure to find several good solutions to your needs.