A Honeywell Generator Review

As the owner of many Honeywell home electronics, it was easy to anticipate that Honeywell generators would be among the most user-friendly and comprehensive on the market, which they are. Not only does this firm make the selection process easy and simple, but they also have put a lot of innovation into their solutions.

They make both standby generators and portable generators available. They have designed them with performance and user friendliness in mind. Let's look first at the home generators and then the portable options.

The Pros and Cons of Honeywell Generators

We really liked that the firm makes their generators available on one simple feature - wattage. They steer buyers towards systems based on their perceived or desired usage of the gear. They begin at the 10k wattage mark and work their way up to a massive 45k system. What is so amazing is that most of their systems are equipped with a diversity of proprietary features that include:

WhisperCheck Technology - on all but the 10k watt systems, this is a weekly testing system that ensures the unit is operating at maximum efficiency.

Generac OHVI Engines - installed in the 10, 15, and 20k wattage units, this ensures optimal performance because the engines have been designed specifically for use in generators.

Propane or Natural Gas - way ahead of the competition, Honeywell generators are pre-installed with conversion systems that allow the owner to easily switch from liquid propane supplies to natural gas.

Warranty - this one is beyond belief and is evidence of the company's belief in its technologies. All of their units have a five year warranty that is without hidden exceptions or conditions.

External GFCI outlet - this allows for direct use of the system, which is also extremely unusual. You can plug appliances directly into the generator.

Remote monitoring - this features audible alerts for low oil or fuel, and allows changes in the programming to occur through a handheld device. Why head out into a storm or dangerous weather when you need to change a setting? These generators feature a remote device.

The Portable Generators

Just as the home generators are sold by wattage output, so too are the portable units. These can be found as 3250, 5500, 6500, and 7500 watt units. All of them have low oil shutdown functions that monitor the oil levels and then shut down the power on the unit if the levels go too low. They also feature dual fold-down handles for easier storage, and locking wheels for ultimate security.

All of the units have heavy duty wheels, which is a real rarity in the world of portable generators. Most manufacturers require their buyers to invest separately in a wheel kit, but all four of the Honeywell units come with their dual wheels already installed on their heavy duty frames.

The shortest period of time that the units can operate at 50% on a full tank is 7.5 hours, and two units (550 and 6500) can go for 9 hours. All but the 6500 is CARB certified, meaning it is allowed to be used in national parks and throughout the state of California.

The firm also makes inverter generators too. These are portable supplies ranging from 800-2000 watts in output and which operate economically and almost silently. They are the most portable form of electrical generation and are ideal for tailgating or camping.

Honeywell generators offer a diversity of solutions. They are perfect for traveling, camping, and outdoor use thanks to the highly efficient and well-designed portable units. They are also great for household electrical supplies when the standby models are installed. A visit to the company's website makes it very easy to determine the appropriate size and model for any particular need, and there are plenty of explanations about the wattage required for the most common functions.

You don't want to choose poorly when it is a costly product such as a generator. Fortunately, Honeywell generators have been created to accommodate budgetary and actual needs. It is possible to find price conscious models that will supply you with all that you need, but it does begin with a clear understanding of your actual requirements. With this line of generators, however, you will be able to get outdoor, in-home, and portable options easily.