A WEN Generator Review

Though the name WEN is associated with some of the top names in generators, we are going to look at their four portable generators for this review. What we should say off the top is that the four units are very similar in terms of their quality of design, which is optimal and quite superior. The only variations tend to be in the amount of wattage they offer. The top four portable generators currently available from WEN include:

  • WEN 3500 - creates 3500 watts for 11 hours on a full tank (4 gallons).
  • WEN 5500 - delivers 5500 watts for roughly 11 hours on a full tank of fuel (6.5 gallons)
  • WEN 7000 - can create around 5500 watts (with 7k in surge wattage) for 11 hours on a full tank of fuel (6.5 gallons)
  • WEN 9000 - is capable of 7k watts with 9k at surge, for 9 hours on a full tank of fuel (6.5 gallons)

Additionally, these results are accomplished through the firm's impressive OHV engines. This is a 4-stroke OHV single cylinder engine with a forced air cooling system. Not all are of the electric start variety, however, and the two lesser wattage models use the E-Z Pull starters.

All of the systems are designed with heavy duty frames, and come with what we feel is a very valuable option - a wheel kit. Few manufacturers of generators will provide their buyers with wheels as part of the purchase price. It is often a bit of a nasty shock for the buyer of a generator to learn that their 200 pound behemoth has no wheels and that a special and pricey wheel kit has to be purchased and installed. WEN eliminates this unpleasant issue by simply including the entire wheel kit with the package. They provide "never flat" tires as well, making the units easy to transport over most terrain.

We greatly appreciate that all four models come with low oil automatic shutdown. This eliminates any risk of damage to the system should the owner accidentally allow the unit to run out of fuel or oil, and it also protects the system when it is first used after a lengthy period of down time.

In terms of noise reduction, this unit has a spark arrestor that ensures that it delivers the quietest exhaust possible.

The user-friendly control panel also features one 240/120v receptacle, a DC outlet, a digital hour meter and four 120v outlets as well. It is very easy to use and to read, making even the heftier generators user-friendly.

WEN also supplies a lengthy two year warranty on all of their portable generators, and this too must be taken into consideration. We have seen top of the line models offering little more than 90 days of coverage, but WEN is so certain about the quality of its products that it can guarantee function and performance for such an extensive period of time.

What we do find a bit troubling about the WEN generators is that they are not CARB compliant. Because of this they are not available in California, and may not be allowed into places such as national parks or preserves. This is due both to the decibel volume produced during operation as well as the emissions levels of the units.

This issue, however, is not enough to knock the WEN generators from our list of recommended models. They are all very reliable and fully featured, and their affordable prices make them a good all around solution.

Whether you are seeking a source of emergency power for your home or require electrical supplies while camping, traveling in an RV, or working in the field, you will be able to get all that you need from one of the four main WEN units. Do visit their website, however, to do a simple side by side comparison. They make an easy to use tool available for this purpose, and this will help anyone to determine the best unit for their needs.

You can find a workable solution to all of your energy needs with a WEN portable generator. They are easy to transport, well designed, and crafted with all types of owners in mind.