A Review of the Generac Brand

Although Generac manufacturers residential, commercial, and industrial generators, for this discussion we are going to focus on their residential units. Why? Well, the famous "Consumer Reports" group did an assessment of the generator industry and chose only six units to recommend. Though there are dozens upon dozens of manufacturers, Generac was named not once, but twice in their list of only "recommended" generators.

This adds credence to their claims of being "the most trusted name in residential standby power". Interestingly enough, the two models that featured in the Consumer Reports recommendations were not both the standby models. One was a portable unit and the other was the full standby system.

Home Backup

Currently, Generac has four options for home backup or standby generators. They are:

  • Guardian Series - their most popular line of generators, this series is offered as a whole house solution and can be seen as more than just a "survival" backup.
  • Corepower Series- this is a series designed to protect and backup "essential circuits" as well as being an affordable option for those hoping to have some source of electricity if the regular grid fails.
  • Quitesource Series - this series is designed to accommodate large residential to medium-sized commercial settings and to do so without noise pollution.
  • Ecogen Series - this is an innovative series meant to supply people already off of the grid with emergency supplies. It is low cost, low emission, and as green a solution as possible.

The various groups of generators from Generac are capable of providing from 6000 watts up to more than 48000 watts, depending upon the units chosen. The firm also supplies transfer switches and other accessories to ensure that a home or property is a fully prepared for a power cut as possible.

The units and systems available for installation have many options. For instance, owners can choose to have "whole house" services or just essential circuit coverage. They can receive what is known as "utility grade power" as well, and this is a technology that regulates the stability of the feed into the home. This is something that has to be given a great deal of attention because many generators are known for "frying" appliances.

For instance, if the flow of electricity is too high or too low (in terms of wattage) it can cause appliances to overheat and be seriously damaged. The Generac TruePower technology overcomes this risk and delivers an even flow to small electronics and large appliances alike.

What makes them even more unique is the fact that Generac has already gotten on board with the latest in mobile technologies too. For instance, we are not always guaranteed to be at home when the power fails or when disaster strikes. Because of that, they created "Mobile Link" to their systems. This means you can actually dial into your system, monitor the status of the generator, and check on the status of the equipment.

Special Features

In addition to all of the most up to date technologies and conveniences, the Generac systems also use the proprietary OHVI engine. This is the only engine designed specifically for generator usage. It is a heavy duty motor system that ensures ongoing performance, even if operated continuously for days on end. They also have their patented Nexus Controller devices that give the owner full system diagnostics through a user-friendly display.

Finally, the systems from Generac have their Quiet-Test technologies too. This is a weekly test that any system runs on itself to ensure that quieter operation and performance occurs. Because many generators can be louder than 70 decibels when at full function, the value of a quieter set of generators cannot be ignored.

Generac has a solution for almost every budget or need. They have mastered the standby generator but also offer portable solutions at the same quality too. Their GP, XG, XP, iX, and LP series units are also recognized as top of the line options. Their GP5500 has consistently outperformed other similar models and is also one of the most affordable units around.

The Generac lineup is highly recommended for anyone who wants portable or standby power that is affordable, consistent, and innovative. Their website even allows consumers to "build their own" solutions! Explore their options and find a good generator for your needs.