A DuroMax Generator Review

It is a good idea to specialize in order to create a top of the line product. The DuroMax generators are indeed specialized and come strictly as portable units. Where the firm has really created a unique offering, however, is in the fact that they have some of the only "hybrid" models.

The Pros and Cons of DuroMax Generators

Unlike many other makers of portable generators, DuroMax has really created a comprehensive lineup of specific and innovative designs. Consider the following models:

  • XP4400EH - this is their "dual fuel" model that will use liquid propane or gas to operate. It comes with a wheel kit and electric start and can provide roughly 4400 watts of power.
  • XP4000S - this is their 4k wattage system that has an air cooled OHV gas engine.
  • XP10000E-P4 - this is their 10k watt system that features an electric start and a heavy duty wheel assembly.

This list represents only a slim sampling of the different solutions that this company provides. What makes them all so appealing is that they are all designed with the high-quality DuroMax features.

These include their rugged frames of heavy duty steel and their impressive mounting systems. On all of the units there are four fully isolated motor mounts that offer vibration dampening and sound reduction properties. The units rely on the DuroMax OHV engines and can be triggered by the electronic starters or through a quick pull, easy start recoil.

We also appreciate the firm's efforts to greatly reduce the amount of noise coming from their portable generators. Across the board the DuroMax generators tended to keep things below the highly desired 70 decibel level, with even their largest units generating 72 decibels or less at full operations.

There is also a low oil protection system that flashes a warning light at the first sign of trouble, but then shuts down the unit if the situation is not resolved. The damage protection also extends to their AVR system, which is an advanced voltage regulation system that ensures the most even flow of power.

The units also feature a super functional power panel that offers standard outlets as well as heavier duty "twist and lock" outlets as well. This makes them workable for household and RV needs, and ensures that the unit can be a truly portable source of electricity. This is guaranteed through the use of the "Power Boos Amp Doubling Switch" that is exclusive to DuroMax generators. This switch allows the user to combine both of the 120 volt circuits into a single outlet with the flick of switch. This allows for the use of power tools and RV requirements without any worries of overloading the circuitry of the generator.

Finally, some of the generators come equipped with heavy duty wheels, and for those without them there are wheel kits available. These all feature the "never flat" tires that are not rigid solid tires, but are instead impressive and high-tech models that provide for optimal functionality.

We also greatly appreciated the hybrid units that DuroMax is now offering as well. These allow for maximum fuel efficiency as well as better functionality in the machine. The use of liquid propane is going to lengthen the life of the generator by avoiding the typical "gumming" that occurs in most gas and diesel lines. The transition between fuels is done by securing the flexible fuel line to the appropriate source. This is a "plug and play" approach to eco-friendly power generation, and is something we hope to see with many other manufacturers.

There is very little to say on the "downside" regarding the DuroMax machines. They all run for great lengths of time at 50% capacity, with the hybrid units providing the greatest results (averaging around 20 hours on propane versus 8 hours on gas).

If you want an affordable, reliable, and flexible electrical solution, the DuroMax line of generators is a good call. They can be found with features suited to the workshop, field work, or outdoors, but are also available in sizes great for household emergency use. They are well-designed with excellent control panels and smart features, and are an easy to use choice for those without any previous experience in using generators of any kind.