A Review of the Briggs and Stratton Brand

With roughly 100 years of experience in providing homes and buildings with engine power, the Briggs & Stratton name is easily recognized. They are well-known for engines of many kinds and it makes perfect sense for them to provide generators as well. They offer commercial and residential models, and for this discussion we'll consider their residential units.

Home Standby Options

Briggs & Stratton offers both portable and standby generators. They have 19 different standby generators spread out over four different categories:

  • Essential Power - Just as the name describes it, this series will allow you to operate the lights and basic household appliances. This is marketed as an ideal standby solution for small homes.
  • Essential Power-Plus - With five different models offering from 10k to 20k in wattage, these are meant to operate everything in the home - including the air conditioner and all other appliances - for any amount of time. Models vary in the number of circuits offered, and all come with the ability to run two air conditioners as well.
  • Managed Whole House Power - This line has ten different models providing from 10k to 20k of wattage. Most are offered with automatic transfer switches to ensure no damages are done when power returns. These units require input from the owner to install for effective power management.
  • Whole House Power - With three models ranging from 35k to 60k in wattage, this line is meant to power a full-sized and luxury home.

Clearly, this means that a home or property owner can easily find options ranging from as little as 10k in managed energy output up to a massive 60k for a full-sized home. Briggs & Stratton also makes automatic transfer switches available for all models and has one of the best warrantees in the entire industry.

The firm's website is also remarkably useful for those who are unsure of their actual needs. The site offers a useful tool for identifying the systems requiring power and then steers the homeowner towards the right choices. What makes their line of standby generators so appealing is that their basic list of coverage includes lights, sump pumps, garage door openers, security, and more.

All of the standby generators have proprietary Briggs & Stratton features too. Owners can rely on the Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Commercial engine designed especially for use in generators. They have remarkably high-tech "Remote System Status" transmitters with eight different functions reported to the owner via their chosen method. The generators all have Sound Shield Technology which relies on an automotive-styled exhaust system and special sound dampeners to ensure that the neighbors do not mind your generator operating for days on end. There is also the Intelligen Central Air Technology that manages the energy consumption of air conditioners while the generators are in use. And then there is the patented Overload Protection that prevents any damages from occurring if a few high wattage appliances attempt to start at the same time. This can cause a full shutdown, but the Briggs & Stratton technologies feature onboard computers to prevent such disasters.

Additionally, only Briggs & Stratton has their CoastGuard All-Climate Enclosure that has been proven to survive the roughest conditions, including coastal and maritime settings.

Portable Systems

Briggs & Stratton also has portable generators as well. Their lineup currently features twelve different units with wattage ranging from 2k to roughly 10k. They are designed with specific use and function in mind. For example, buyers can opt for home, play, or work models. They can elect to have weather protected control panels for optimal performance in specific settings. And they can choose between electric or pull start, and run times of ten hours or more at half the suggested load.

All of their portable generators are fully equipped with at least two wheels, but their Pro Series comes with heavy duty frames and four sturdy wheels for optimal use.

Whether you need a standby system that is designed specifically to meet your needs or you want a portable unit to take out on the trails or the road, you can find an affordable and reliable model with Briggs & Stratton. They have more than two dozen options, and around a century of experience, and that is sure to lead to satisfaction.